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Mary Hinton is running her first marathon at London 2021 for Christian Aid

Mary running CA

Just 2 weeks to go before Mary Hinton, a member of St Marys’ Tetbury  is running her first marathon at London 2021 for Christian Aid because the charity does essential work across the world.

Please support Mary running 26.2 miles to raise money to help some of the world’s poorest people to lift themselves out of poverty. The money you give really will make  a difference. Christian Aid work in partnership with local communities. We’re not about hand-outs we’re about long-term, sustainable change that really works. You are helping Christian Aid to change the lives of some of the worlds poorest people. Poverty is an outrage against humanity. It robs people of their dignity, freedom and hope, of power over their own lives. By donating and supporting our runners, you are part of a movement working alongside people living in the poorest communities to bring about positive change and greater hope. With your help, Christian Aid can make a difference! Donations will be sent direct to the charity in a fast and secure way. Its efficient, saves time and cuts costs for the charity.

Let’s do this! Thank you to everyone who has supported her.


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