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News from St Marys’ December 2020

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Tetbury Advertiser:  December 2020

Advent calendars are so exciting!

Speaking personally, that’s as true for adults as for children.  It’s the excitement of opening the first window – and then each day getting closer to Christmas.

So, at St Marys’ Church, one idea this year is to put an advent calendar in our window.  And each day we will change the number as we move towards Christmas, sharing the joy with everyone.  Here’s one example made from black paper and cellophane!

And we are holding a Posada again this year.   You might remember that this lovely Advent tradition originates in Mexico (Posada is Spanish for “inn”) and – through December – small knitted versions of Mary and Joseph travel around, being welcomed into different households in the community each day, and staying there for one night.

This year, of course, we will do things a bit differently, and the journey will happen “virtually”.  A lovely picture of Mary, Joseph and the donkey will be sent by email from home to home, with prayers and stories added as they go.  It promises to be quite a journey.

And we are praying and imagining the different ways we can celebrate Christmas this year, depending on the restrictions in place.   We will all find it hard many ways.  But I am praying that it will also be a very special time this year.  We are living very simply, in many ways.  So – rather than a million and one things going on in our heads and our diaries – I’m hoping there will be time just to enjoy peaceful moments.  Also, right now, we appreciate so deeply the value of community and relationship.  And many of us have experienced wonderful generosity and neighbourliness.  So, as we celebrate the God of Love come to dwell with us in Jesus Christ, we can discover afresh the joy of all that we share in our lives together.

Through it all, St Marys’ will also be continuing our Sunday Worship on Zoom.  Do please join us “live” if you can by contacting Diana our Parish Administrator for details at  Or you can find recordings on our “Tetbury Benefice” channel on YouTube.  Finally – as we prepare for Christmas – keep an eye on our website for up-to-date details of what’s happening in church and online:

With love and prayers this Advent and Christmas, Poppy

The Revd Poppy Hughes
Parish Priest, St Mary The Virgin & St Mary Magdalen


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