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News from St Marys’ September 2022


Thank you for the warm welcome
It has been a great joy to arrive in Tetbury in June and serve as full time curate for the next 3-4 years at St Marys’ Church alongside Revd Poppy (the Rector) and Revd Pauline (curate). Everyone I have met, has made me and my family feel most welcome.
But what is a curate? It is someone who after theological college is undertaking the next phase of their training to become a fully trained priest (vicar), ready and able to take on their own parish in the future. I feel so fortunate to be serving and learning in Tetbury, given the vibrancy of the community.
As a brief introduction, I have moved from Gloucester after 21 years. During this time, I have been employed for 7 years as the Bishop’s youth adviser and then for the last 14 years I’ve overseen community youth and children courses offered at the University of Goucestershire. I am married to Linda, who is the CEO of the Gloucestershire based counselling charity, Listening Post and have two daughters, one of whom is a paramedic and the other is continuing her degree course.
I live in the Highfields Estate and I try and walk around the town as much as possible (wearing my clerical collar), so I hope you may see me. Do stop me for a chat or forgive me if I may chat to you, as I think it is important to build community and connect with people.
What I have discovered since being here, is the large amount of activities which are undertaken by St Marys’, Tetbury Area Churches Together as well as other community initiatives. There seems to be something for everyone with a diversity of age groups catered for. A highlight for me so far has been, being involved in the family services in St Marys’ (I celebrate) and the provision for families on a Sunday afternoon (iSing Pop), supporting St Mary’s school, as well as engaging with people in the Friendship café. This has allowed me to work with Revd Poppy, Revd Pauline and many others on the plans for the new term in September.
This September will see children and families work continue in earnest. We will continue to support St Mary’s school and will be restarting the faith explorers group as well as the exciting Isingpop celebrate events on a Sunday afternoon in the school hall. 11th September is a special day, as in the morning we will celebrate the saints after whom St Marys’ is named and, in the evening, we will hold our annual evensong service at St Saviour’s church. Please do come along to all our services and events, we would love to welcome you.
I hope to see you around
God Bless
Revd Dr Steve Bullock
Curate at St Mary the Virgin & St Mary Magdalen Church, Tetbury
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