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Prayer focus for the week beginning 18th September


Our prayer focus for the week beginning 18th September 2022:

    • Tetbury Praying the Town: Lee Walk, Breuse Court, Fitzherbert Close & Box Close
    • The Parish of Long Newnton
    • Youth Worker (Mandie Winbow) at Sir William Romney School
    • The Departed and those who mourn their loss, remembering especially Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We offer our prayers in memory of her long and faithful service, and pray for His Majesty the King and The Royal Family at this time.
    • Praying for couples getting married : Simon Day and Claire Lewis (Holy Trinity Long, Newnton on Saturday 17th September), Carl Evans and Kathyrn Limoi (St Marys’ Tetbury on Wednesday 21st September) and Toby Ryan and Natasha Walker (Holy Trinity Long, Newnton on Saturday 24th September).
    • Praying for Christabel McAlpine who is being baptised in Long Newnton on Sunday 25th September and her parents and Godparents.
    • Praying for St Mary’s School: Reception Lime Class with Mrs Pike – Mrs Wilmott (PFA)/Mrs Freeman
    • National issues: for all chaplains working in prisons, business, in local high streets and workplaces, that they may be given the right words to say to encourage and bless people. We especially hold Liz Angell in prayer in her work as chaplain on the Stroud-Severn canal.
    • World-wide: that peace and justice may come to countries and people suffering through war, especially Ukraine.

    O Lord God of hosts, hear my prayer;
    give ear, O God of Jacob! Ps.84 V8

    Are you, or someone you know, in need of prayer? You are welcome to hang your prayer request on the prayer tree in the prayer corner at the front of St Marys church

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