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Prayer focus for the week beginning 19th February


Prayer focus for the week beginning 19th February 2023:

  • Urgent World issues: Praying for the people across Turkey, Syria and the region who have been affected by the earthquake disaster.
  • • Tetbury Praying the Town: Southfield
    • The Parish of Shipton Moyne
    • Pray for God’s blessing and guidance for all who read the lessons and lead intercessions
    • The Departed and those who mourn their loss. We give thanks for their lives, and pray for God’s comfort for their family and friends.
    • Year’s Mind: Jane Chappell (22/2). (“Year’s Mind” is to mark the first anniversary of a death –often a difficult time for family and friends).
    • Praying for St Mary’s School: Year 3 Willow Class with Mr Hainsworth and Mrs Begum
    • Praying for Lilah Thornbury and Florence Brooks who are being baptised in St John the Baptist, Shipton Moyne on Sunday 19th February and their parents and Godparents
    • Local issues: for wisdom and resources to address the challenge of maintaining historic buildings in Tetbury
    • National issues: that the backlog of people waiting for medical treatment can be swiftly and effectively addressed
    • World issues: as Lent begins on Wednesday 22nd Feb, may the following weeks be a time for people to reflect on the hope of the Gospel message and find comfort and strength to face the many current challenges

    The charity, Tearfund, is offering support for prayer for the people of Turkey-Syria:
    Here are three areas we can focus our prayers on: for the emergency response; for people affected by the earthquake; for the church in Syria who are responding; and for peace.

    Pray for the emergency response
    • Lift up first-responders and pray for energy and strength as they work around the clock to save lives.
    • Pray for clear roads and bridges, so that emergency services and supplies can quickly reach those in need.
    • Pray that those who are still missing will be found safe.
    • Ask God for good weather so the rains and snow do not slow down the response.
    • Hospitals in the areas affected are overflowing. In Syria, many hospitals have not been rebuilt since they were destroyed in the conflict there. Pray for resilience for health workers as they respond; pray for capacity to treat people who are injured and for resources – medicine, equipment and hospital beds – to be readily available.

    Pray for people affected by the earthquake
    • Pray for comfort for those who have lost their loved ones and healing for people who are injured. Ask God to draw near to them in this time of grief and uncertainty.
    • Pray for provision of safe shelter, food, clean water and warmth for people who have lost their belongings, homes and livelihoods. Ask God to give them courage and strength to face these new challenges.
    • Pray that vulnerable people – such as people with disabilities, orphans and pregnant and nursing mothers – will be protected and that no one will have to suffer alone.
    • Pray for freedom from anxiety and fear for people who are feeling distressed – particularly those already in fragile situations throughout the region.

    Pray for peace
    • Conflict broke out in Syria in 2011. Much of the country now lies in ruin. The city of Aleppo, which was badly hit by the earthquake, is home to millions of people who have already faced devastating conflict. Many people in northern Iraq, who are rebuilding after years of conflict, and in Lebanon, also felt the earthquake tremors.
    Pray for a lasting peace and recovery for Syrians who have suffered more than a decade of conflict.
    Pray for peace and comfort as people are further traumatised by the earthquake and already are feeling anxious, depressed and fearful. Pray that people will not lose hope – even in these challenging times.

    The Lord hears when I call to him. Ps.4 v.3

    Are you, or someone you know, in need of prayer? You are welcome to hang your prayer request on the prayer tree in the prayer corner at the front of St Marys’ church

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