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Prayer focus for the week beginning 26th February


Prayer focus for the week beginning 26th February 2023:

• Tetbury Praying the Town: Springfields
• The Parish of Beverston
• Give thanks and pray for blessing on all those who maintain rotas in our churches
• The Departed and those who mourn their loss, remembering especially Robert “Bob” Pittam (Funeral at St Marys’ Tetbury on Friday 3rd March at noon) and Mary “Hetty” Niblett (Funeral at St Marys’ Tetbury on Tuesday 7th March at 11am.) We give thanks for their lives and pray for God’s comfort for their family and friends.
• Year’s Mind: Margaret Andrews (26/2), Lorraine Juggins (3/3),and Margaret James (4/3). (“Year’s Mind” is to mark the first anniversary of a death –often a difficult time for family and friends).
• Praying for St Mary’s School: Year 3 Beach Class with Mrs MacIndoe/Mrs Bish and Mrs Royle
• Local issues: For St Marys church weekend away, that it may be a time of spiritual refreshment and an opportunity to share our Christian experience and build each other up.
• National issues: for the ongoing strikes by health workers: may patient safety not be compromised in any way.
• World issues: for the World Day of Prayer on Friday 3rd March, that the service at Christ Church, prepared by Christian women in Taiwan, may make us more aware of their isolation and the need to support in prayer all Christians threatened by intimidation and repression.
Continue also to remember in prayer the victims of the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

‘Prayer is not speaking empty words into a void. It is not an impersonal cry into the ether. It is a direct line of communication with the God of the universe – the compassionate, triune God who delights to live in relationship with human beings and promises that He hears us when we talk to Him. (From a recent ‘Embrace the Middle East’ magazine)

Are you, or someone you know, in need of prayer? You are welcome to hang your prayer request on the prayer tree in the prayer corner at the front of St Marys church

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