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Prayer focus for the week beginning 27th February 2022


Prayer focus for the week beginning 27th February 2022

• Tetbury Praying the Town: Wheat Hill, Wisteria Road and Woodward Road
• As we start the season of Lent, may we all find time for reflection, and seek the Holy Spirit to deepen our faith in Jesus and his transforming love
• The Parish of Beverston
• The Departed and those who mourn their loss especially Brian Haines. We give thanks for their lives, and pray for God’s comfort for their family and friends.
• Praying for Harry Barker, Joshua Barker, Jemima Honeyborne and Heath Russell preparing for Confirmation in Holy Trinity, Long Newnton , and for Ronnie Hodges preparing for Confirmation.
• Praying for Ottilie Morris, having a service of blessing and thanksgiving in St Marys’ Tetbury on Sunday afternoon.
• Praying for St Mary’s School: Year 3 Willow Class with Mr Hainsworth and Mrs Tipping
• We give thanks for our charity shops and all the volunteers who give their time and energy to serve there for the benefit of local and national charities.
• National issues: May the World Day of Prayer service on 4th March (2pm in St Michael’s) strengthen our sense of unity with Christians throughout the world and our trust in God’s loving purposes for us all.

Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us. Ps.62:8

Are you, or someone you know, in need of prayer? You are welcome to hang your prayer request on the prayer tree in the prayer corner at the front of St Marys church

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