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Prayer focus for the week beginning 5th November


Prayer focus for the week beginning 5th November 2023:

Before you pray, give thanks that ‘You, O Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you. Give ear, O Lord, to my prayer. (Ps.86 V.5)

• Tetbury Praying the Town: Long Street and The Ferns
• The Parish of St Marys
• The Welcomers and Sidesmen, especially as they greet newcomers to the church
• The Departed and those who mourn their loss remembering especially Vivienne Pople (Funeral Thursday 2nd November at 2.00pm at St Marys’ Tetbury) and Tyler “TJ” Hudd (Funeral Tuesday 7th November at 1.00pm at St Marys’ Tetbury.) We give thanks for their lives, and pray for God’s comfort for their family and friends
• Year’s Mind: Joan Benn (5/11). (“Year’s Mind” is to mark the first anniversary of a death –often a difficult time for family and friends)
• Praying for India and Clementine Riding (Baptism at St Marys’ Tetbury on Sunday 5th November) and Tessalie Sworder (Baptism at St John the Baptist Shipton Moyne on Sunday 5th November). Praying for their parents and Godparents
• Praying for St Mary’s School: Year 4/5 Maple Class with Ms Keen and Mrs Healey
• Praying for Thomas McEwen and Harriet Fettes who are getting married in St john the Baptist Shipton Moyne on Friday 3rd November and for Henry Webster and Leanne Rainford getting married on Saturday 4th November at St Marys’ Tetbury.
• Local issues: pray for those attending the All Souls service, that they may find comfort and peace as they remember departed loved ones
• National issues: pray that firm action may be taken to remove on-line sites promoting suicide – may young people especially be protected
• World issues: Pray for countries affected by acute drought and/or extreme flooding, especially in parts of Africa where many of the people depend on livestock for a living

Please click here for prayers for Israeli-Hamas conflict

Look to the Lord for his strength; seek his ways always. 1 Chronicles 16:11

Are you, or someone you know, in need of prayer? You are welcome to hang your prayer request on the prayer tree in the prayer corner at the front of St Marys’ church

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