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Recording of Sunday Worship, 21st June

Called by God: Worship 10 am, Sunday 21st June.

In worship, we explored our calling as disciples of Jesus Christ. This can be described as our calling to “a kind of loving”, seeking to share the love of God for the well-being of others and the world. And this loving finds a unique expression in each of us. All this is especially important as we pray for Pauline, commissioned as Curate in this Benefice next Sunday. But, as we pray for Pauline, we pray for ourselves too, that we may find an ever-fuller expression of our calling in our lives.

God be with you,

Thank you to Pauline Setterfield … for sharing her faith journey with us. We had some short extracts during Worship this morning, and please do watch the full conversation on YouTube.

We look forward to welcoming Pauline next week, with special commissioning prayers during Worship as she begins her ministry with us as Curate in the Benefice.

Please continue to pray for Pauline,
and all those soon to be ordained deacon:
Father, you have taught the ministers of your Church
to be the willing servants of others.
Give to those soon to be ordained deacon
skill and gentleness
in the practice of their ministry,
and perseverance always in prayer;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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