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Taking Care of our World

The RE topic this term in St Mary’s school has been “Taking Care of our World”.  They have been busy learning about important people such as Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough and talked about changes that need to happen to ensure a cleaner greener future. They have also talked about the little things that each and everyone of us can do to help make a difference such as, turn off lights and appliances we are not using, recycle our rubbish and re-use things where possible. The children have made posters that share these messages.

You may already know that June is Paint Tetbury Green month to raise awareness of climate and environmental issues.  The school thought it would be lovely to combine their work with this.  Last Tuesday, the children went on a peaceful parade through Tetbury with their posters and leave them at the church for everyone to see. These brilliant posters are on display at the front of the church for everyone to see.

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