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Through the Window: Connecting with creation through Lent even when you can’t get outside


Week Two: Flowers

If you have flowers outside your window where you can see
them, stand or sit and simply look. Maybe you have a bunch of
flowers indoors but if there are not any where you can see
them, feel free to use the picture at the top of this sheet, or
find a picture of a flower that you like in a book or on the
internet, or close your eyes and imagine your favourite flowers.

Flowers are wonderful things. Tiny seeds grow into so many
shapes, sizes and colours, and for most of us, they are
something that makes us smile. Someone once said “every
flower blooms in its own time,” and there are flowers that
bloom in every season, even the depths of winter. They are
beautiful to look at, many are sweetly scented, and some are
even good to eat. Some are so tiny that we hardly notice them,
but they are all valued by God simply because he made them
and he loves them – just like us.

Something to think about
What things are blooming in your life right now?
What would you like to see blooming in your life when the
season is right?
What season are you in at the moment?

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