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Through the Window: Connecting with creation through Lent even when you can’t get outside

Week Three: Birds

Have a look and see if you can see any birds from your window.
Perhaps on a bird feeder or flying over. If you can, stay and
watch for a while. If you can’t see any feel free to use the
picture at the top of this sheet, or look for a picture in a book
or on the internet, or simply close your eyes and imagine.


Birds are everywhere whether you live in the country or a city.
You don’t usually have to watch for long before one flies over
going freely wherever it pleases or drops in to look for food.
And they can be noisy. Some chatter all the time: one call when
they are flying, another when they are looking for a mate, and
yet another when they sense danger. It is said that listening to
birdsong can reduce stress – perhaps you could open your
window for a minute and see what you can hear, and how it
makes you feel, or find some birdsong on the internet, close
your eyes, and relax.

Something to think about

How do you feel when you watch the birds?
Is there anything that you need to be free from?
What helps you to relax?

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