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Through the Window: Connecting with creation through Lent even when you can’t get outside


Week Four: Sky

Look out at the sky. You won’t need to use the book or the
internet for this one, because if you have a window to look out
of, the sky will be there. You could try this one more than once
at different times of the day


Sky: summer sky, blue and clear with fluffy white clouds the
way that children draw them. Autumn evening sky the blue of
indigo ink. Eyes watch as the sparks from the bonfire shoot
upwards then disappear into the darkness. Stormy winter sky:
grey and heavy with rain, clouds scudding across it as if in a
hurry to be somewhere else. Early morning sky: golden pink as
the sun rises and floods the world with colour once again. 2am
sky: almost black but on a clear night studded with stars and a
silver moon: beautiful when sleep evades us. Sky: always there,
often unappreciated, always changing, made by an unchanging

Something to think about

What is your favourite sky mood – or does it vary?
Why do you think people have always wanted to explore the
sky and beyond?
What does the sky say to you about its creator?

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