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Through the Window: Connecting with creation through Lent even when you can’t get outside

Week Five: Water

Unless you can see a river or a pond or the sea from your
window, wait for a rainy day for this one. Then, sit yourself
down by the window and watch the rain outside and the drips
running down your window pane. You could even choose two
drips and watch them to see which one gets to the bottom of
the windows first.


It rains. Farmers and gardeners rejoice as the life-giving water
falls on the land. It rains too much. Rivers burst their banks,
houses are flooded, people suffer. In low lying countries water
levels rise and those who survive move away until it is safe to
come back, because they have nowhere else to go. It rains too
little, crops die, animals die, famine comes, people suffer.
Someone once said “there is nothing as good as a glass of cold
water on a hot day.” Water, a simple thing, that we cannot do

Something to think about

Thirst is difficult to cope with. Is there anything that you are
thirsty for right now?
Does rain say anything to you about God?
Do you think of water as powerful?

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