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Through the Window: Connecting with creation through Lent even when you can’t get outside


Week Six: Animals

If you have a pet, sit somewhere where you can see it or even
have it on your lap if it is that sort of a pet. If you can see
animals outside your window, sit where you can see them. If
neither of those is possible find a picture of a favourite animal
in a book or on the internet, or feel free to use the picture of
the cat above.


Animals are many and varied, and sometimes we forget that we
are an animal too. In more than one creation story the creator
puts the human animal in charge, with the expectation that
they will take care of the other animals; wanting what is best
for them and being kind to them. Sometimes the human
animal forgets this. Sometimes we forget to be kind to other
animals, and sometimes we even forget to be kind to ourselves
even though we are made in the image of a creator who shows
unfailing and never ending compassion.

Something to think about

If you have a favourite animals, think about why you like them.
How do you show kindness to yourself?
When have others shown compassion to you?

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