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Who killed the copper

JUST DAYS TO GO BEFORE…. This year’s Murder Mystery goes ONLINE!

Yes, on Friday 29th January at 7 pm and for ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY, many of your familiar cast return for WHO KILLED THE COPPER?

Even covid fails to stop us – or a certain determined villain.
Just who has it in for Town Bobby Sgt Denny Daniels (Retd)?
Is it the imminent release of his memoirs that he’s already boasted
will unmask a number of local worthies?
Is it unrequited love?
Is it a stolen priceless timepiece?
Is it some clandestine operation he’s been involved in?
Or something entirely different?

There’s only one way to find out…. when Who Killed the Copper comes online… Filmed and performed under strict COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

Join on Zoom

On Friday 29th January, shortly before 7p.m. (1900)
click here to join the Murder Mystery on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 847 1084 1051

Please email for the password, AND some preliminary clues to tickle those little grey cells.

The only person to be charged is the Murderer!
However, you’re invited to make a donation to Tetbury Hospital.

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