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Advertiser article – St Marys’ Church, October 2021

Advertiser – St Marys’ Church, October 2021

Never talk about money, politics or religion!

Do you think that’s good advice? Of course, it’s my job to share the story of God’s love with people I meet. But this autumn we have also had a special focus on talking about giving and money.

We work to serve people here in Tetbury. And the beautiful church building is also a vital part of our community as a focus, and place for quiet prayer and reflection.

All of this is costly. It is costly in terms of people’s time and talents, which are given so generously. And it is costly in financial terms. In total, our mission costs over £100,000 a year. And over half of that goes to pay the “Parish Share” – our contribution to having a parish priest in every parish.

We are so grateful to all who give to support this work. However, we are now not raising enough money to cover our costs. Over recent years, we have used our savings – our reserves – to make up the shortfall. But this can’t go on forever. So, our campaign this autumn – called “The Gift of Love” – aims to increase regular giving by £10,000 a year, to make up the deficit. It’s ambitious, but I pray this can be achieved.

In the meantime, of course, our ministry goes on. There is a warm invitation to everybody – and especially families and children – to come along to the Harvest Festival at 10am on Sunday 17th October. It will be a fun service of songs, prayers and readings for all ages, focussing on the wonder of creation. And do bring your gifts of donations for the Foodbank.

And then, at the end of the month, we begin our season of remembrance by marking All Souls’ on Sunday 31st October. This is a special time for people to remember loved ones who have died, when the church will be open for people for a time of quiet reflection and perhaps to light a candle, with a special service at 6pm. Please see our website for more information nearer the time.

Finally, as a lovely French proverb says: “Gratitude is the heart’s memory”. In all of this, I am so thankful: for people’s generosity; for the goodness of creation; and for all who have shared their lives with us, and we remember with love.

God bless. Poppy (The Revd Poppy Hughes, Parish Priest)

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