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Photos from ISingPop Celebrate Sunday 5th February 2023

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Theme this week was I am the Vine and my father is the gardener. God cares for us, he is like the gardener. Jesus is the vine and when we are connected with Jesus we all bear fruit.

25 children had lots of fun on Sunday. We enjoyed singing some of the new iSingPop songs and making crafts on the theme of I am the Vine, and my Father is the gardener. Here are the amazing things the children made. The next iSingPop Celebrate will be on Sunday 12th March in St Marys’ church at 4pm. Save the date!

Writing prayers on vine leaves

Handprints of vine & grapes

Jesus is the centre of our family

Our ISing Pop celebrate altar cloth

Planting bean seeds to grow.

Fondant icing grapes.

We shared tea together.

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